The Flowers Of The Forest waltz

Also known as The Flooers O’ The Forest, The Flowres Of The Forrest.

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Three settings

X: 1
T: The Flowers Of The Forest
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmix
A3 A2B|A2d d3-|d2f g2f|
e2d B2d|d3- d2B|A3 A2B|
A2d d3-|d2g f3|e>fe d3-|
d3 c3|c2d B>cB|A3- A2f|
g2f e2d|B2d d3-|d2B A3|
A2B A2d|d3- d2g|
f3 e>fe|d3- d3|
X: 2
T: The Flowers Of The Forest
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
[M: 6/8]
e|:A3 A2B|A2B/>c/ d2(3e/f/g/|f3 e2d|B/d/-d2 B2A/<G/|
A3 A2B|A2B/>c/ d2(3e/f/g/|f3 e2f|[1d3 d2B:|[2d3 d3||
|:c3 c/e3/2d/>c/|B2A B/d/-d2|A/f/-f2 e2d|B/d/-d2 B2 A/<G/|
c3 c/e3/2d/>c/|B2A B/d/-d2|A/f/-f2 e2c|[1d3 d3:|[2d3 d2||
e|f/a/-a2 a3|a2g f/a3/2-a/>g/|f3 e2d|B/d/-d2 A3|
f/a/-a2 a3|a2g f/a3/2-a/>g/|f3 e2c|d3 d2e|
f/a/-a2 a3|a2g f/a3/2-a/>g/|f3 e2d|B/d/-d2 B2A/<G/|
A3 A2B|A2B/>c/ d2(3e/f/g/|f3 e2f|d3 d2|]
X: 3
T: The Flowers Of The Forest
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj

Seventeen comments

The Flowers Of The Forest

This was a request.It’s a lament,so it should be played slowly,not in waltz time.

The Flowers of The Forest

It is indeed a lament. I first heard it played on the highland pipes at the state funeral of Winston Churchill in 1965. Whatever one may think of Churchill

The Flowers of the Forest

I first heard it played on the end of the track "Julie" on a Levellers album. Is its origin in Ireland or Scotland?

The Flowers Of The Forest

I believe that it’s a traditionalScottish air.

It’s Scots, written about 15 years after Culloden by a couple of lowland ladies, I believe, but reputedly about the battle of Flodden, to confuse the english. There are words for this lament.
Can be found on"The Fate o’ Charlie" on Trailer by Archie Fisher, Barbara Dickson, and John MacKinnon. Fairport used to do a nice version of it with electric dulcimer, too.

The Flowers Of The Forest

I found a nice version of that tune in Mike Oldfield’s "Voyager" album, but that version is a bit diffrent like you’r one.
Maybe Oldfield’s ver. is variation over the original one. I’ve never heared orginal one.

I think this is notated wrong and many other waltzes are done like this i.e. a recurring mistake. This is written out as if it were in 6/8 like a jig.
It would help slow it down if you wrote it out as a waltz in proper 3-time.
A6|A4 B2| etc (L:1/8)

Is this the tune played after the song, "No Man’s Land"(or Green Fields of France", by June Tabor?

Re: The Flowers Of The Forest

It’s listed as a 2/4 lament for company pipers in the British army. I’ve played it on my 18th century field drum for a few funerals. It supposedly was originally written in 1513, but the lyrics have been forgotten. A new set of lyrics were written after the ‘45.

Does anyone have a 2/4 version of this. I would like to set an arraignment for our fifers.

Re: The Flowers Of The Forest

Have you checked out John Chambers’ TuneFinder? This is a great site for Scottish tunes.


or if that does not work, go to the main page at

and type flowers of the forest in the search box.

Lots of hits, with quite a few duplicates.

Hope this helps

The Flowers Of The Forest, X:2

As played by The Scots Guards, in 6/8, even though in the Scots Guards Standard Settings Vol I it’s notated in 2/4. But that’s pipers for you. Note that it’s notated in 6/8 rather than 3/4, otherwise it wouldn’t be a funeral march, which needs to be a slow 2.
A bit like Flower of Scotland, the pipes struggle with the flat seventh (C natural) of the vocal melody in the second part. Perhaps that’s why they’ve added a third part.

The Flowers Of The Forest, X:3

This setting is based on Isla St Clair’s take of the commonly sung vocal version of the tune. She sings it in Eb, perhaps to fit in with the pipes. I’ve transposed it to D.

Re: The Flowers Of The Forest

Try Ceol Sean ( billing themselves as "The World’s Largest On-line Collection of Bagpipe Music" ! )
9 different versions of Flowers of the Forest. 2/3 of them in 2/4, the rest in 4/4.

Great site but a scary amount of tunes to play through!


Re: The Flowers Of The Forest

Yes, most of the written versions are in 2/4 or 4/4 but the vast majority of recordings/performances have a 3 feel. The only recordings I can find that do not are those by John McDermott (singing the posh words) and Kenneth McKellar. Dick Gaughan, Isla St Clair, Fairport Convention, Scots Guards and solo pipers all play it with a lilt to give a 3 feel (3/4 or 6/8 or whatever).

Re: The Flowers Of The Forest

I was trying to add a recording of this tune by Kevin Burke’s Open House. It’s just titled "Flowers of the Forest." But it’s still not showing up- I don’t suppose there’s a way to manually add another recording to the list?

Re: The Flowers Of The Forest

I think the Kevin Burke tune is a different "Flowers of the Forest", Ruthie C. Clicking on the Open House version takes you to "Metsäkukkia", a Scandinavian tune.