Rainbow waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: Rainbow
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Fmaj
fg|a2 ba gf|g2 ag fe|dF AD FA,|CE Gc eg|
a2 ba gf|g2 ag fe|dF AD FA,|1 CD ED:|2 CD ED de||
f2 gf ed|e2 fe dc|BD GB, DB,|A,C EA de|
f2 gf ed|ea fe dc|Bd gf dA|1 ^GB e2 de:|2 ^GB e2 =f=g||

Four comments

My first submission (and my first attempt at notating ABC).

I was taught this tune by a guitarist whilst on holiday in Brittany. Some time later I found out it was called “Rainbow” and was composed by Matt Seattle. It is on Kathryn Tickell’s “Signs” album though I haven’t heard it.

I don’t really consider this a waltz - any thoughts? (I would tend to play it around Q:1/4=120)

Key Change?

Does this actually change from F to A in the second part?

Oh pants!

Being new to ABC, I had used mid2abc to get me started. Whilst it sounded fine, it was only when I saw the literal interpretation of the ABC in the sheet music I realized what a hash I’d made of it. I’ve since revised the ABC (Will the changes be reflected in the sheet music?).

2situla - I’m sure the second part is in D. The G sharp at the end of the 2nd part would suggest Emaj at that point to get back to F.

Also, listeing to it, the midi sounds faster than I would normally play it.

A# into B

The A sharp in the first part shoulb be change into B since the Key is F (B flat = A sharp).