Uncle Stewart’s waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: Uncle Stewart's
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
AAd|:f2A3d|f3 g gf|e2c3A|d2 de dc|
B2G3B|A2F3A|G2E A2F|1 D3 AAd:|2 D2F/z3/2F/z3/2||
A,2D3E|F3 G GF|E2C3B|A4AA|
A,2D3E|F3 G GF|E2C3B|A4A/B/c|
d2d ed/c/B|A2F A2F|G2E A2F|D6||
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Four comments

Goes with other tune, will post tomorrow

Well this is the first of two tunes as I mentioned in the discussion post titled “Any ideas for a good waltz set?”.

By itself this is a nice if somewhat humble waltz. Taken together with the other waltz “Valse A Jessie” which is a beauty, they make a strong pair. Unfortunately, I can only post one tune per day so the second will have to wait until tomorrow.

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U.S. Waltz

Great tune Played with GREAT gusto by Maeve Donnelly on her CD of the same name. Well worth the price just for the waltzes and clog-dances.

“Maeve Donnelly”
10. Waltzes: Uncle Stewart’s / Waltz Jessy

Liz Carroll - fiddle
Billy McComiskey - accordion
Daithi Sproule - guitar, vocals
4. Uncle Stewart’s Waltz / Valse a Jessie - by Marcel Messervier
Flying Fish Records - CD 70586, 1992