Louis’ waltz

Also known as Barry’s Bay, Canadian, Dermot Grogan’s Favourite, La Valse Du Beau Canton, Louie’s, Louis, Louis’s.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Louis'
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
AB AG|F2 DF Ad|f2ffef|g2 bg fg|
B2BdcB|A2 EF GA|c2B2c2|F2FDFB|
A2ABAG|F2 DF Ad|f2ffef|g2 bg fg|
B2BdcB|A2 EF GA|c2B2c2|d3 A FA|D3 A BA|
e4 ef|e2A2G2|F2FEFG|F2E2F2|
d2c2d2|E4 EF|G2F2E2|D2F2A2|d2z4|
X: 2
T: Louis'
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
F2 D>F A*d|f2- f>d e>f|g2 b*g f>g|B2- B>d c>B|
A2 E>F G>A|c2 B2 A2|F2- F>D F>B|A2 A>B A>G|
F2 D*F A>d|f4 e>f|g2 b>g f>g|B2- B>d c>B|
A2 E>F G>A|c2 B2 c2|d2- d>A F*A|D2- D>A B>A||
G2- G>A B>A|c2- c>A B>A|F2- F>D F>A|d2 c2 d2|
e4 e>f|(3efe (3ABA (3GAG|F2- F*D F>B|A2 E2 F2|
G2- G>F G>A|c2 B2 A2|d2- d>D F>A|d2 c2 d2|
E2- ED EF|G2 (3FGF E2|D2 CD FA|d2- d||
A2 A>^G A>B|c2 c>A B>A|F2 F>D F>A|d2 d>c d>^d|
e2 e>^d e>f|e2 A2 G2|F2 F>E F>G|F2 E2 D2|
G2 G>F G>A|c2 c>A B>A|F2 F>D F>A|d2 c2 B2|
e*E- E>D E>F|G2 F2 E2|D2 F2 A2|d2- d||

Eleven comments

“Aly Bain: 50 Fiddle Solos”

With CD ~ accompanied by Phil Cunningham
Music Sales Ltd., Catalogue #DAM75128

Page 6 ~ & ‘SWUNG’!

It seems a shame that such a nice tune has gone so long without any ‘Comments’ whatsoever. I’ll return with another transcription…

“Louis’ Waltz” ~ Quebecois / French Canadian ~ ‘traditonnel et balancé’

M: 3/4
L: 1/8
R: waltz
K: D Major
| B A>G |
F2 D>F A*d | f2- f>d e>f | g2 b*g f>g | B2- B>d c>B |
A2 E>F G>A | c2 B2 A2 | F2- F>D F>B | A2 A>B A>G |
F2 D*F A>d | f4 e>f | g2 b>g f>g | B2- B>d c>B |
A2 E>F G>A | c2 B2 c2 | d2- d>A F*A | D2- D>A B>A ||

G2- G>A B>A | c2- c>A B>A | F2- F>D F>A | d2 c2 d2 |
e4 e>f | (3efe (3ABA (3GAG | F2- F*D F>B | A2 E2 F2 |
G2- G>F G>A | c2 B2 A2 | d2- d>D F>A | d2 c2 d2 |
E2- ED EF | G2 (3FGF E2 | D2 CD FA | d2- d ||

& for variety’s sake, another way with the B-part:

A2 A>^G A>B | c2 c>A B>A | F2 F>D F>A | d2 d>c d>^d |
e2 e>^d e>f | e2 A2 G2 | F2 F>E F>G | F2 E2 D2 |
G2 G>F G>A | c2 c>A B>A | F2 F>D F>A | d2 c2 B2 |
e*E- E>D E>F | G2 F2 E2 | D2 F2 A2 | d2- d ||

* = “SNAP!”

AKA louie’s

On Joe Ryan’s An Buachaill Dreoite as Louie’s Waltz.

Louis’s Waltz/La Valse du Beau Canton

These amazing comments from Bob Pfeffer on IrTrad:

This lovely waltz was composed by Andy DeJarlis (1914-1975) of Woodridge, Manitoba.

He named it “La Valse du Beau Canton” [The Beautiful Village Waltz], and recorded it on “Et Domino Les Femmes Ont Chaud” [London MB71] as well on “Andy Dejarlis/Square Dance With Calls” [London EBX 4127], where it’s called “The Village Waltz”.

You can hear him playing that here:

My eternal gratitude to Eric Favreau, the fiddle player of the Quebecois group “Raz de Maree/Tidal Wave”
for kindly giving me the name of the tune and its composer.

I (nigelg) have been playing it as “Louis’s Waltz” for years, since I heard Aly Bain playing it on the television, and on the Boys of the Lough album.

Re: Louis’

well nigelg there is an American waltz called St. Louis’ Waltz.

Re: Louis’

Thanks for letting me know that, blueclairebear!

Nigel (the artist formerly known as nigelg).

Re: Louis’

Most of the recordings of this tune I’ve come across are known as the Louis Waltz. The Boys of the Lough were the first I heard playing this tune in the 1970s I think. It became part of my play list from then on and I recorded it myself but gave it the correct name ‘The Beautiful Village Waltz’ aka the Louis Waltz.

Re: Louis’

What was the recording, Free Reed? Is it still available?

Re: Louis’

The Boys Of The Lough, Good Friends..Good Music, Transatlantic Records ‎TRA 354, 1977 (track B2)
They recorded it with Louie Beaudoin, a Franco-American fiddler from Burlington Vermont

Andy DeJarlis, Square Dance with Calls (Alf Johnson calling), 1969, London  EBX 4127 (track A4)
Village Waltz, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cLPS4pjeqM

Re: Louis’

I’ve heard this is Irish and Quebecois… It sounds much more quebecois to me, is anyone sure of the origin?