Twenty-six recordings of a tune named
The Flowers Of The Red Mill

Also known as Anderson’s, Anderson’s No. 2, Flower Of The Red Mill, The Flower Of The Red Mill, The Flowers Of Red Mill, Micho Russell’s, The Wild Irishman.

A tune by this name has been recorded together with Touch Me If You Dare (lots of times), The Pretty Girls Of Mayo (a few times), The Galway Rambler (a few times), The Laurel Tree (a few times), The Moving Bog (a few times), West Clare (a few times), Anderson’s, The Beauty Spot, The Belles Of Tipperary, Byrne’s, The Concert, Corney Is Coming, Down The Broom, Farewell To Erin, Farewell To Ireland, The Five Mile Chase, The Flax In Bloom, The Flowing Bowl, The Golden Keyboard, The Hut In The Bog, The Jug Of Punch, The Kilcloon, Maud Millar, The Merry Harriers, Molloy’s Favourite, The Mother And Child, The Navvy On The Shore, The New Steamboat, The Wexford Lasses, The Wind That Shakes The Barley.

  1. A Musical Trip To Coleman Country by Various Artists
  2. Across Bridges by Seamus Sands
  3. Against The Storm by Johnny Cunningham And Phil Cunningham
  4. Ah! Surely by Eddie Cahill
  5. Beal A’ Mhurlaigh by P.J. Hernon & Marcus Hernon
  6. Echoes Of Erin 2012 by Various Artists
  7. Farewell To Ireland CD 1 (of A Box Set Of 4) by Various Artists
  8. Flower Of The Red Mill by Sarah Blair
  9. Foxglove by Moving Cloud
  10. Here to Play by Bernadette Nic Gabhann
  11. His Original Recordings by John McKenna
  12. Humours Of Highgate by John Blake, Lamond Gillespie And Mick Leahy
  13. If There Weren’t Any Women In The World by Stephen Ducke
  14. Michael Flatley by Michael Flatley
  15. Music For The Sets Volume 1: Round The House by Séamus Meehan, Paul O’Shaughnessy, Mark Kelly, Neillidh Mulligan, Neil Mulligan, Frank Hogan, Breanndán Ó Beaglaoich (Brendan Begley), Gerry Bevan, Steve Cooney
  16. Scotch Mary by Various Artists
  17. The Colin Farrell Band by Alan Murray, Dan Lowery, and Colin Farrell
  18. The Kilmore Fancy by Catherine McEvoy And John McEvoy
  19. The Mountain Road by Various Artists
  20. The Music And Life Of John McKenna (The Buck From The Mountain) - Disc 2 by John McKenna
  21. The Set - Four: Music for Four Complete Sets by Various Artists
  22. The Wheels Of The World, Early Irish American Music, Vol. 1 by Various Artists
  23. Traditional Irish Music On The Button Accordion by Dan Gurney
  24. Two Sligo Masters by John Vesey & Eddie Cahill
  25. Upon My Soul by James Carty
  26. Within A Mile Of Dublin by Paul O’Shaughnessy And Paul McGrattan