Ryan’s Rant reel

Also known as Ryans Rant.

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Five settings

X: 1
T: Ryan's Rant
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gdor
G3 A BGdc|BdGB cAFA|BGDG Bcde|fdcB AFFA|
|:B2 fB gBfB|FB fB cAFA|B2 fB gBfB|c_edc BGGA|
B2 fB gBfB|FGAF CFAF|GBdg abag|fdcB AFFA:|
"variation on second part of A part"
|:G3 A BGdc|BdGB cAFA|BGDG Bcde|fdcB AFFA|
"variation on B part"
|:B2 aB gBfB|FB ag fdGA|B2 aB gBfB|c_edc BGGA|
B2 aB gBfB|FGAF CFAF|GBdg abag|fdcB AFFA:|
"Final variation on B part"
|:B2 fB gBfB|FB fB cAFA|B2 fB gBfB|c_edc BGGA:|
B3 A Bcde|fdBd cAFA|B3 A Bcdf|ecBA BGGA|
B3 A Bcde|fdBd cAFA|GBdg abag|fdcB ACFA||G8||
X: 2
T: Ryan's Rant
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gdor
A|B2 GA Bcdc|BDGB AFFA|B2 GA Bcdg|fdcB AFFA|
B2 GA Bcdc|BDGB AFFA|B2 GA Bcde|fdcB AFFA|
|:B2 fB gBfB|B2 fB cAFA|B2 fB gBfB|cAFA BGGA|
B2 fB gBfB|B2 fB cAFA|GBdg abag|fdcB AFFA:|
X: 3
T: Ryan's Rant
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
cAAA cAeA|cAAc BAGB|c2 AB cdef|gedc BAGB|
cAAA (3cBA eA|cAAc BAGB|c2 AB cdef|gedc BAGB:|
|:c3g a2gc|c2ge dBGB|c3g a2ga|gedc BAGB|
c3g a2gc|c2ge dBGB|ABcd efga|gedc BAGB:|
X: 4
T: Ryan's Rant
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
|:cA~A2 cAdA|eAdA BDGB|cA~A2 cdef|gedc BAGB:|
~A3 B cAeA|ceAc dBGB|cA~A2 cdef|gedc BAGB|
c=F~F2 cFdF|e=FdF BDGB|cF~F2 cdef|gedc BcdB||
~c2 gc acgc|~c2 gc dcBd|~c2 gc acgc|d=fed cA~A2|
Bc{d}cB cdef|gdBc dBGB|Acea c'aba|gedB cA~A2||
X: 5
T: Ryan's Rant
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gdor
A|BG~G2 BGdc|dBGB AFFA|BG~G2 Bcde|fdcB ADFA|
BG~G2 BGdc|(3BdB GB AFFA|BG~G2 Bcde|fdcB AGFA||
B2fB gBfB|B2 fd cAFA|B2fB gBfB|cedc BGGA|
B2fB gBfB|B2 fd cAFA|GABd bage|fdcB ADFA||

Twenty-eight comments

Paddy O’Brien’s setting of “Ryan’s Rant”

I’ve always loved this version of “Ryan’s Rant”. Before I posted the ABCs here I wanted to find out what the common key might be, (I think it’s Gdor on the recording,) so I put it out to IRTRAD, and Jerome Colburn responded with the answer, (Ador,) and included a good head start on the ABCs. I went through them carefully comparing them to the recording, and here are the results. Hope you enjoy it.

Gravel Walks

It sounds like the Gravel Walks *smirk*

No… it sounds like ‘Out on the Ocean’

double *smirk*

Or “The Cup Of Tea”

The last bar of each part reminds me of “The Cup Of Tea”, but in a different key.

You really need to learn some new tunes Dow, all yours are starting to sound alike. 😛

LOL -- bad boys! NO biscuits!

Let’s face it Jack, they all sound the same anyway. Basically they’re all just different settings of “Out On The Ocean”. And Zina it’s okay I didn’t want a biscuit anyway.

Fine, then a thwack on the noses with the Newspaper of Justice for you…! ;)

Can we have you on the floor again Zina? All this thwacking isn’t enough to satisfy me!

Zina always goes quiet when we bring up the “have her on the floor” thing Dow… shhhhh

LOL -- oh, if only you knew. I’ve still got those handcuffs and dog collars around here someplace…

See what you missed by not being in Cody?

Posted .

Out on the Ocean

I noticed that only one of you added this tune to your tunebook. Just because it sounds like Out on the Ocean doesn’t mean it’s not worth learning you know.

Hey, I’m full up on tunes to learn right now. I’ve got two cassettes full of stuff to learn (and since one is full of Tommy Peoples, that’s going to take me another year or two), you want me to add another one? Jaysus, Jack, yer a heartless wan…

Heartless eh? like the Tin Man in The Wizard of Org?

If I shake you, will your heart rattle around in there? ;)

How could it rattle around… you said I was “heartless.” *smirk*

Jack, this one’s not going in *my* tunebook. I know far too many tunes already that sound like “Out On The Ocean”.

Not on Ben Lennon’s “Natural Bridge” album

After all these comments about “Ryan’s Rant” (NOT!) -- just thought I’d add my own, FWIW -- valued at exactly (well, at least!) .002 yen…

I was looking for Ryan’s Rant as listed on Ben Lennon’s “Natural Bridge” album, and found one here on thesession.org--but it’s not the same tune as on Ben Lennon (& co.)’s record, track 10.
..Same name, yes -- but different tune.

Lennon’s tune is a very modal/piping-sounding Em first part, with D second part which swoops down from the top.. so to speak.

Anybody got another name for that Em/D “Ryan’s Rant”? Transcription?


Sorry, Jediger… this thread must seem like you showed up after the party ended and there were only dirty plates and empty beer bottles all over the tables and chairs.

I don’t know the version you’re referring to and I don’t have a name… sorry. The version posted here is from Paddy O’Brien.

This tune is in the Gunn Book (Fermanagh 1865) in the key of Am, 2 parts. I’ve also heard Paddy Carty play in Gm I think, again 2 parts, and also Jean Carignan.
Its also in Gm with nice variations on one of the Paddy O’Brien/James Kelly recordings

Liam Lewis, Connemara version

This is on the CD: The Gaelic Heritage: Traditional Music From Connemara. Untitled on the CD, it took quite a while to track this down, not helped by the fact that the fiddle appears to be tuned about a semitone sharp, and Lewis (if that’s who it is; most of the artists are uncredited) plays it in Gm, as here with a double-length B-part:

T: (Ryan’s Rant)
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: reel
K: Gdor
A|B2 GA Bcdc|BDGB AFFA|B2 GA Bcdg|fdcB AFFA|
B2 GA Bcdc|BDGB AFFA|B2 GA Bcde|fdcB AFFA|
|:B2 fB gBfB|B2 fB cAFA|B2 fB gBfB|cAFA BGGA|
B2 fB gBfB|B2 fB cAFA|GBdg abag|fdcB AFFA:|

Re: Ryan’s Rant

Ok… 14 years later I have revisited this tune and corrected the key and cleaned up the ABCs. This is James Kelly and Paddy O’Brien’s setting recorded on the fabulous CD, “Traditional Music Of Ireland” Study the ABC to see the text explaining this wonderfully complex arrangement.