Tanteeka reel

By Jo Freya

Also known as Tan Theta.

There are 3 recordings of this tune.

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Three settings

X: 1
T: Tanteeka
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
|:df|a2 a2 =gfed|ceae f2 ed|=g3 g fedf|edcd ef=g^g|
a2 a2 =gfed|ceae f2 ed|=g3 g fedf|edce d2:|
|:de|f2 ed f2 ed|g3 f ed ^c2|^cded ^c2 dc|d2 AG A4|
BdfB fBfB|AcfA fAfA|g2 fe de ^c2|BAGf d2:|
X: 2
T: Tanteeka
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmin
a2 a2 g>fe>d|c>ea>e f2 e>d|g3 g f>ed>f|e>dc>d e>fg>^g|
a2 (3aba g2 (3fed|c>ea>e f2 e>d|g2 (3ggg f2 (3def|e>dc>a d2:|
f2 e>d (3fgf (3fed|g2 g>f e>d ^c2|^c>de>d c2 (3gfe|d2 A>G F4|
B>df>B f2 F>B|A>d (3fed f2 A>f|G>gf>e d>e ^c2|B>AG>f d2:|
A2 A2 G>FE>D|C>EA>E F2 (3FED|G>A (3GFE F>E (3DEF|E2 E>^D (3EFE (3DEF|
A2 (3AAA G>FE>D|C2 A>E F2 D>F|G>AG>E F>^EF>D|E2 (3EDC D2:|
X: 3
T: Tanteeka
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
Ac|e2 e2 dcBA|GBeB c2 BA|d3 d cBAc|BAGA Bcd^d|
e2 e2 dcBA|GBeB c2 BA|d3 d cBAc|BAGB A2:|
AB|c2 BA c2 BA|d3 c BA ^G2|^GABA G2 AG|F2 ED E3
E|F2 dF zFdF|E2 cE zEcE|d2 cB AB^GA|FEDc A2:|

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Tanteeka - Jo Freya

A part in the key of A, Bpart in the key of F
Here are the guitar chords:-

“D “F#m “G “A”
“D “F#m “G “A “D”
“Dm “Am “A “Dm”
“Bb “Dm7 “A “Dm”

I usually only play the top 4 strings when accompanying this tune.
I will post a good way of accompanying the A part at a later date.


Cheers - love this tune loads. It’s got a real lilt to it, and I’ll finally be able to play it in the session with the only other person I know who knows it!



Mikk, does your first comment mean composed by Jo Freya?

I live this tune loads as well. I heard it on a 422 CD and was planning to transcribe it when I had time!


I love this tune as well, but I’ve never been able to find out whose it is to give proper credit. Thanks!

I Love This Tune

this tune is great i heard it at the durham folkworks summer school and i am so glad that i now have the music thankyou so much for putting it up here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Composer answer

jo freya wrote this tune i think xxxxxxxx

I’m sure there’s a nice version of this on Karen tweed/Poozies album Infinite Blue

I have never EVER heard this tune played anywhere except the Folkworks Summer School sessions, and the only people I know who know this tune are other Folkworks-ites.
Same thing with the Wizard’s Walk… what’s going on?!
Great tune though…

Maybe it’s because everyone else realises they’re crap tunes.

😎 He’s almost 30 you know…

Just put on your sunglasses Dow and take your medication. It’s all part of middle age. Give me your hand and I’ll walk you around this noxious quagmire. There are too many to stop and curse everytime one bubbles up… (No, I’m not being ‘patronizing’. I’ve taken my medication and have my darkest sun glasses on, my glacier goggles, or you know I’d risk potentially being even nastier than you…)

Dow! For heaven’s sake stop bashing that poor Wizard!
You have a very boring taste in tunes. It’s gotta be said…

Whoa! ~ A TASTE JUDGEMENT!!! ~ each to their own?!

Now we’re treading toward dangerous shoals and my medication is starting to wear off, or kick in? Dow hardly needs my support, not in the slightest, but here it is anyway ~ I think that Dow is saying basically something similar ~ that by his judgement ‘this’ tune is ‘boring’!!! (“crap”) This is definitely a difference of preference and inclination… What you find ‘boring’ Joe Cascading Style Sheet’, is one thing, and what Dow finds boring (“crap”) tis another… 😏

No, ‘c’, this time it’s not a taste judgement, it’s a simple case of “good” versus “evil”. The Wizard’s Walk is a bad, evil, horrible tune. In fact it hardly even counts as a tune. The reason some people like it is not because their tastes are different to mine, it is because they simply don’t recognise an evil, crap tune when they hear one. 🙂

Come on Dow, you know I carry a crucifix, holy water and have a slew of memorized verse from the Bible, the Koran, the Bhagavadgita and Buddha, aside from wearing garlic around my neck ~ so there’s no worry that tunes like that are about to take me over and suck the life out of me. What are you afraid of? Is it that you’re a non-believer? I’ve got extra holy water if that’ll settle your ire and bile… 😎

It’s not me or you I’m worried about. It’s the people who turn to evil and find comfort in it. They turn to the dark side and they unleash it upon us at sessions. I don’t want to have to spend my time at sessions fending off the darkness. Help me, ‘c’, please. Save me. C’mere and give uz some of that holy water. Mmm that’s nice. Why is it a funny pink colour?

Dow… if this tune shows up at your session it’ll be a good cue for you to go and buy the next round, specially since you seem to miss your turn so often.

Holy Water = Hendrick’s Gin

This is our salvation, yours and mine and Will Harmon’s…

“Loved by a tiny handful of people all over the world. It is not for everyone.”

“Preferred by 1 out of 1000.”

“Despite the possibilities of surprise, most people shy away from what is odd.”

“You must encounter Hendrick’s at a time in your life when you are fully open to the deliciousness of new possibilities, no matter how unusual they may be.”

Damn, that’s scary. I wonder if it was the write-up that first attracted ol’ Will to this gin, or was it the rose petals they use in the brewing? ~ or the cucumber? Anyway, enough of this lovely potion and we won’t care what’s played, or will be uninhibited enough to make a scene and exocise these demons with obscenities… 😉

“exorcise”, gotta have the “rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” to do it properly… 😎

“Cascading Style Sheet”?

How on Earth did you find out my last names?!

Yes I did write it

Hi All,
just happened to be surfing and noticed this. Although these queries are old thought I’d clarify.
I wrote it originally for the Poozies. So yes- a nice version does appear on one of their CDs.
The melody was writen in D originally. You can find a transcription in the Blowzabella book ‘New Tunes for Dancing’. It will be on the new Blowzabella Cd due for release this Autumn. I shall try and post some of my other tunes here.
Have fun - Jo

I told you guys to leave the Quiji Board alone…

Tanteeka - come on, own up !

OK, what wag put “Tan theta” as an alternative name for this tune?? Brilliant ! 🙂

While idly leafing through “New Tunes for Dancing” I discovered that this was originally written in 2/2 and it’s a scottische! i am ashamed that I didn’t notice before!

Ashamed?! ~ > ~ with swing! 😎

Ashamed? ~ hardly, 4/4 is classic for transcribing a schottische, but, I would file it more appropriately under ‘barndance’, correcting the key signature, and would play it with swing ~ > ~ and here that is with a few other options thrown in for good measure ~

X: 2
T: Tanteeka
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: schottische (barndance)
K: D Major
|: d>f |\
a2 a2 g>fe>d | c>ea>e f2 e>d | g3 g f>ed>f | e>dc>d e>fg>^g |
a2 (3aba g2 (3fed | c>ea>e f2 e>d | g2 (3ggg f2 (3def | e>dc>a d2 :|
K: d minor
|: (3^cde |\
f2 e>d (3fgf (3fed | g2 g>f e>d ^c2 | ^c>de>d c2 (3gfe | d2 A>G F4 |
B>df>B f2 F>B | A>d (3fed f2 A>f | G>gf>e d>e ^c2 | B>AG>f d2 :|

It also goes nicely rumbling along an octave lower ~
dropping the A-part down a spell 😉 ~

|: (3DEF |\
A2 A2 G>FE>D | C>EA>E F2 (3FED | G>A (3GFE F>E (3DEF | E2 E>^D (3EFE (3DEF |
A2 (3AAA G>FE>D | C2 A>E F2 D>F | G>AG>E F>^EF>D | E2 (3EDC D2 :|


I do have a 3 part arrangement if any one would like it. They need to email me on music@jofreya.com
All the best. Jo

Tanteeka, X:3

What a great tune! I love it, and thanks for bringing it to my attention, ceolachan. My setting of it owes a lot to the recording by The Poozies on Infinite Blue (1998), but I have changed the key.

Re: Tanteeka

Thanks for bringing it to my attention, MikkinNotts and ceolachan.