One recording of a tune named
Rory MacLeod
With a tune named
The Kesh

Rory MacLeod (jig) is also known as Rory MacLeod’s, Rory McLeod, Rory McLeod’s, Ruairidh Macleod.

The Kesh (jig) is also known as Castle, The Castle, Kerrigan’s, The Kesh Mountain, The Kincora, The Mountaineers’ March.

A Decade Of World Pipe Band Championships 1990-1999 by Various Artists

  1. Raigmore
  2. The Lads Of Kilmarnock
  3. Monymusk
  4. The Cockerel In The Creel
  5. Wasted Journey
  6. The Kesh
  7. Rory MacLeod
  8. Chasing Shadow