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Sleep Soond Ida Mornin’

Willafjord (reel) is also known as Villafjord, Willa Fjord, Willafiord, Willow Fjord, Wullafjord.

Sleep Soond Ida Mornin’ (reel) is also known as Da Gutters O’ Skeld, Da Sleep Soond Ida Moarnin’, Sleep Doons Ida Moarnin, Sleep Soon Ida Mornin, Sleep Soond I’ Da Moarnin, Sleep Soond I’da Moarnin, Sleep Soond Ida Moarnin, Sleep Soond Ida Moarnin’, Sleep Soond Ida Mornin, Sleep Soond Ida Morning, Sleep Soond In Da Moarnin’, Sleep Soond In Da Mornin, Sleep Soond In Da Morning, Sleep Sound I’da Mornin’, Sleep Sound Ida Moarnin, Sleep Sound In Da Morning, Sleep Sound In The Morning.

Portrait Of A Scottish Jew's Harp Player by Lindsay Porteous and Friends

  1. The Merry Blacksmith
  2. Willafjord
  3. Sleep Soond Ida Morning

Racket In The Rectory by Liz Doherty And Fiddlesticks

  1. The Mirrie Boys Of Greenland
  2. Oliver Jack
  3. Willa Fjord
  4. Sleep Sound In Da Morning