Five recordings of
The Merry Boys Of Greenland

Willafjord (reel) is also known as Villafjord, Willa Fjord, Willafiord, Willow Fjord, Wullafjord.

The Merry Boys Of Greenland (reel) is also known as Da Merrie Boys Of Greenland, Da Merry Boys A Greenland, Da Merry Boys Of Greenland, Da Mirrie Boys O Greenland, Da Mirrie Boys O’ Greenland, Da Mirrie Boys Of Greenland, The Merrie Boys Of Greenland, Merry Boys A’ Greenland, The Mirrie Boys Of Greenland.

Bridging the Gap by Shetland's Young Heritage

  1. Oliver Jack
  2. Willafjord
  3. Merry Boys O’ Greenland

Highland Fiddle by Angus Grant

  1. Da Mirrie Boys Of Greenland
  2. Leveneep Head
  3. Willafjord

Racket In The Rectory by Liz Doherty And Fiddlesticks

  1. The Mirrie Boys Of Greenland
  2. Oliver Jack
  3. Willa Fjord
  4. Sleep Sound In Da Morning

The Ceilidh Album by Dave Swarbrick

  1. Merry Boys Of Greenland
  2. Olifiord Jack
  3. Willafiord

The Cullivoe Fiddlers by The Cullivoe Fiddlers

  1. Oliver Jack
  2. Da Merry Boys A Greenland
  3. Willafjord