Radstock reel

Also known as Radstock Jig, The Radstock.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Radstock
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amix
=c4 E3=F|G2G2 G4|A2AB =cBcd|e2e2 A4|
A2AB =cBcd|e2ef g2fg|afdf egec|A2A2 A4||
g2g2 gfed|cdef g2gf|e2a2 a3g|e2a2 a2ef|
g2ga gfed|cdef g2fg|afdf egec|A2A>G A4||

Four comments


I’ve been taught this tune by my teacher, whose band plays it at gigs. Radstock is a very old town south of Bath in Somerset.
It is a single reel, 8+8 with no repeats. It’s full name is “The Radstock Jig”, “jig” in this case presumably being a centuries-old usage referring to lively leaping and jumping dances, and reflects the age of the tune.
The tune is distinctive in that it starts in Cmaj, progresses to G and Amin, and then settles down in Amix.
Last time through it’s nice to play the final bar as |A2A>G A4||, giving a slight Bartokian flavour.


My teacher thinks it’s more of an old set dance than a reel as known today.

Radstock JIg

This is a version of “Poll Ha’penny”. “Jig” meant a solo dance - in this case probably a stepdance - in England, and I suspect James Higgins (from whom Cecil Sharp collected he tune) played it as a hornpipe (but at reel speed in the sounthern English fashion).

Another recording

Another recording of the tune is on 2005’s “Duck Soup” by the Sussex band of the same name: Dan Quinn, Adam Bushell and Ian Kearey.