Fish And Taters polka

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One setting

X: 1
T: Fish And Taters
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
FA AB/c/|dc BA|FA AB/c/|dF ED|FA AB/c/|dc BA|Be ed/c/|Bc d>A:|
fd de/f/|ed BA|fd de/f/|ed B2|fd de/f/|ed BA|Be ed/c/|Bc d>e:|
BE EF/A/|BA B/c/d|BE EF/E/|D>E FA|BE EF/A/|BA B/c/d|BA dF|F/E/D E2:|
Be ed/e/|f>e dA|Be ed/e/|f>e dc|Be ed/e/|f>e dA|BA dF|F/E/D E2:|
B2 B>A|FA DE|B2 B>A|B/c/d ed|B2 B>A|FA DE|FD AF|E2 E2:|
Be ed/e/|f>e dA|Be ed|e/f/e/d/ Bc|d>e dB|AF DE/F/|GE FD|E2 E2:|

Two comments

Fish & Taters

As far as I know this is really a set of three 32 bar polkas put together as one tune and is as I was taught it many years ago by a mandolin player. I learnt it on the penny whistle and it became a standard set for me to play at folk clubs etc. The middle tune will do doubt be recognised as ‘Tralee Goal’ but I would like to identify the other two. All three tunes seem to flow into each other very easily and, in my mind, belong with each other. Our rhythm man (who plays guitar,banjo,mandolin and bodhran) plays a hot bodhran break on the rimm of his bodhran in parts 5 & 6.

I’ve put it in key of ‘G’ but it’s clear that lines 3,4,5 & 6 are in Emin.