Down The Lane jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Down The Lane
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
afd afd|cde Ace|gfe bag|fge def|
afd afd|cde Ace|gfe bag|fge d2f:|
~e3 Ace|~f3 def|~g3 ege|~f3 def|
~e3 Ace|~f3 def|gfe bag|fge d2f:|
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Down the Lane

anyone know if this is traditional or composed?

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Aren’t all traditional tunes composed?

Down the lane

Jeremy ,for the integrity of this site we should try to clarify this question of what constitutes traditional music.The very term seems to me to exclude recent compositions regardless of source or quality,unfortunately many appear not to even evoke older motifs.

Run a search under the "discussions" and you can probably find more in-depth info about this, but when this question of "traditional" has come up before, the conclusion was that if a tune is played at your session, then it can be posted on this site. To keep it balanced though, Jeremy has clearly stated that for every original composition posted, a person needs to post 3-4 traditional tunes. I dunno. That rule seems to keep things in check pretty nicely.

I think that needs some clarification: the 3 or 4 trad tunes for every original composition refers to tunes you have composed *yourself*.

As for well-known composed tunes being submitted, it is up to the person posting the tune to get permission from the author.

I’m sorry my question dredged up this old debate. When I asked if it was "traditional or composed" I didn’t mean to imply that all traditional tunes are not composed or that all composed tunes are not traditional. I meant "composed" as in someone alive wrote it, i.e. someone who is making his living in music *right now*. I learned this tune off the Nomos album but I don’t have the liner notes so I wasn’t sure if a band member wrote it. I simply wanted to make sure that *if* I recorded it on an album of my own that I wasn’t breaking any copyrights.


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as the liner notes of "set you free" say this tune is composed by nomos member and concertina player niall valely.