Lovely Joan reel

Also known as Sweet Joan, Sweet Lovely Joan.

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A great tune!

This is one of my favourite tunes. I first heard it as part of Ralph Vaughan Williams’s arrangement of Greensleeves, but I have recently come to know it in a more traditional sense via Martin Carthy and Greg Joy.

Just curious. Is this meant to be played at typical reel speed, or is it meant to be played more in the lyrical sense of a tune like Greensleeves?

I know it in the more lyrical sense. Some of the feeling of the tune might get lost if it’s played at normal reel speed.

Lovely Joan

Here are the words.

A fine young man it was indeed
He was mounted on his milk white steed
He rode, he rode, himself all alone
Until he came to Lovely Joan

“Good morning to you my pretty maid”,
And “Twice good morning, sir” she said,
He gave her a wink, she rolled a dark eye
Said he to himself “I’ll be there by and by”

Oh don’t you think these pooks of hay
A pretty place for us to play
So come with me my sweet young thing
And I’ll give you my golden ring

then he pulled off his ring of gold
"My pretty little miss, do this behold.
I’ll freely give it for your maidenhead"
And her cheeks they blushed like the roses red

"Give me that ring into my hand
And I will neither stay nor stand
For this would do more more good to me
Than 20 maidenheads" said she

And as he made for the pooks of hay
She leap’d on his horse and tore away
He called, he called, but it was all in vain
Young Joan, she never looked back again

Nor did she think herself quite safe
No, not till she came to her true love’s gate
She’s robbed him of his horse and his ring
And left him to rage in the meadows green

Lovely Joan

Its not a dance tune of any sort - its a song. If you want to play it as a tune, do as you will, but you should not seek the guidance or support of tradition to justify however you play it.

Noel Jackson
Angels of the North

Lovely Joan, X:2

Ran across this one in Robin Williamson’s pennywhistle book, a slight variation on what’s already here, and in E dorian. Also, this is my first entry, so a nice easy way to try out ABC notation!