The History Man barndance

By Andy Cutting

Also known as The History Man Schottische.

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Three settings

X: 1
T: The History Man
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
BA|:G3A BAGA|BG d2 de/d/BA|G3A BAGA|BGdB A2BA|G3A BAGA|BGd2 de/d/Bd|
|:c3d efg2|g/a/gfe d2Bd|efg2 gagf|e6 Bd|
efg2 f2ed|B2Bd BAGF|GAB A2 B/A/GF|1 G3A AGAB:|2 G6||
X: 2
T: The History Man
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
BA|:"G"G3A BAGA|BG d2 de/d/BA|G3A BAGA|BGdB "D"A2BA|
"Em"e3f edBG|"D"AGAB "Em"AGEG|"C"c3B "Em"AGEG|"D"AGAB "Em"AGEG|1 "Am"
A6 B/c/B/A/:|2 "D"A3A AGAB|:"C"c3d
"Em"efg2|g/a/gfe "G"d2Bd|"Em"efg2 "G"gagf|"Em"e6 Bd|efg2 "D"f
[1 "G"G3A "D"AGAB:|2 "G"G6||
X: 3
T: The History Man
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
B/c/B/A/|:G3A BAGA|BG d2 de/d/BA|G2 GA BAGA|BGdB AB/A/GF|G3A BAGA|BGd2 de/d/Bd|
e3f edBG|A2zB AGE/F/G|(3B2c2B2 AGE/F/G|AGAB AGE/F/G|1 A6 B/c/B/A/:|2 A3A AGAB||
|:c3d efg2|ga g/f/e d GB/c/d|efg2 gagf|e6 Bd|
efg2 f2ed|(3B2c2B2A B/A/GF|GAB A2 B/A/GF|1 G3A AGAB:|2 G6||

Fifteen comments

The History Man

This tune in fact isn’t a reel but a “Schottische”, a sort of a polka or so.. Composed by Andy Cutting.


The History Man

Excellent tune, thanks for putting this one on. I was just about to do it myself….
Do you know the guitar chords, the B part.

The tune with guitar chords

Here’s the seame tune with chords.

BA|:“G”G3A BAGA|BG d2 de/2d/2BA|G3A BAGA|BGdB “D”A2BA|
“G”G3A BAGA|BGd2 de/2d/2Bd|
“Em”e3f edBG|“D”AGAB “Em”AGEG|“C”c3B “Em”AGEG|“D”AGAB “Em”AGEG|1“Am”
A6 B/2c/2B/2A/2:|2 “D”A3A AGAB||:“C”c3d
“Em”efg2|g/2a/2gfe “G”d2Bd|“Em”efg2 “G”gagf|“Em”e6 Bd|efg2 “D”f
2ed|“G”B2Bd BAGF|GAB A2 B/2A/2GF
|1“G”G3A “D”AGAB:|2“G”G6||


The tune with guitar chords

Thanks again - Christian
I have been playing this tune for a few months now on low whistle and I have just found a guitarist who is willing to back me, ’cause I can’t do both at the same time!!!!
You have saved me a bit of time sorting out the chords
I can’t wait to get home from work….

Great tune

Got this on a Chris Wood/Andy Cutting tape. It’s beautiful. They go into the song Roseville Fair after this.

History Man

I’ve heard the tune a few months ago and hadn’t the time yet to figure out the notes. Thanks very much. It’s a great tune. Is it traditional?

“The History Man” was the title of a ’70’s campus novel by Malcolm
Bradbury, the man in question being an unscrupulous trendy academic

(The tune’s too nice to have been inspired by the above character.)

I don’t know the inspiriation behind the tune itself, but according to Mr Cutting himself (at Sidmouth 2006) the title was a last minute random selection from a copy of the radio times.

History Man

Is this meant to have 11 bars in the A-part ??

History man

I think it’s all there … it pretty well agrees with the version that I have.

Andy Cutting

I think that Andy Cutting wrote (The History Man)

“The History Man” ~ C: Andy Cutting

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The History Man, X:3

Here’s a setting trying to imitate McGoldrick’s playing of this tune on his Morning Rory album.