Mornings At Bonny Doon waltz

By André Marchand

Also known as Les Matins De Bonny Doon, Morning At Bonny Doon.

There are 4 recordings of this tune.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Mornings At Bonny Doon
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
B,D GA Bd|c3 A Bd|GA BG DF|1 G4 DC:|2 G4 D2||
|:A,D FG AB|d2 d(B c)A|A (3B/A/G/ FG AG|FE DC A,G,|
A,D FG AB|c3 AB d|GA BG DF|1 G4 D2:|2 G6||

Seven comments

This is a beautiful tune composed by Andre Marchand of La Bottine Souriante. It has been recorded by Claire Mann and also Tony McManus. I have transcribed the tune more or less as I play it, having learned it by ear from these albums.

“Mornings At Bonny Doon”

Not to be overly pedantic or anything, but there is, of course, its French name: “Les matins de Bonny Doon”. In any language, a pretty ditty for sure. I plan on introducing it to our band, Tesserae, tomorrow night for inclusion in one of our Quebecois sets. Many thanks to John J.


I’d consider this an air. My old friend André Marchand composed this piece at my house in Bonny Doon. I actually have a photo I took of him while he was out in the yard doing just that. If I knew how to post the photo, I would. I’m honored that his lovely tune came forth here and I’m delighted that it has traveled so well - surely the mark of a fine melody. André is responsible for a number of others as well.

Tony McManus’s rendition (which has been ceremonially played in my living room on several occasions) is quite wonderful as well.

Re: Mornings At Bonny Doon

Paul Hostetter, the author of the comment above in whose ard André Marchand composed this tune, passed away in March, 2019. He was a well-respected luthier and musician and made his home in a remote community called Bonny Doon in the redwoods near Santa Cruz, CA. He was quite an interesting person as you can see from this obituary:

Re: Mornings At Bonny Doon

Thanks for that, David, and I’m really sorry to hear this news. A very interesting peron as you say.

I think it’s high time I revived this tune in my repertoire too.

Re: Mornings At Bonny Doon

That’s very sad.
I didn’t know California had a city called “Bonny Doon.” I would have guessed it was in Scotland, or perhaps Northeast England.