Welcome Whisky Back Again strathspey

By Niel Gow

Also known as Welcome Whiskey Back Again, Welcome Whisky Back Again, Whiskey Welcome Back Again.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Welcome Whisky Back Again
R: strathspey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:D<G G>B A>GA>B|G>D E>G D<B, A,2|
D<G G>B A>GA>B|G>D E>G D<B, G,2:|
B<d d>e d>B A>G|B<d d>e d<B A2|
B<d d>e d>B A>G|G>D E>G D<B, G,2|
B<d d>e g>d e>d|g>d e>d B<d A2|
B>g A>=f G>A B>G|G>D E>G D<B, G,2||

Four comments

Niel Gow?

This is a Niel Gow tune originally recorded in B flat entitled "Whiskey welcome back again". Was whisky spelled the Irish way back then? It appears to have been according to the written version in "The Gow Collection of Scottish dance music".
the tune was written to celebrate the fact that the distilling of whisky was permitted once again in 1801. The more famous tune "Farewell to whisky" was written when distilling had been previously banned. cheers. 🙂


I meant to say "oiginally *written* in B flat". It might well have been recorded in this key but not by Niel Gow, 🙂

Re: Welcome Whiskey Back Again

It was recorded by Winston Scotty Fitzgerald on an LP. Paul cranford later transferred it to CD named Classic Cuts.

Re: Welcome Whiskey Back Again

"The Gow Collection Of Scottish Dance Music" referred to by the OP was published by Oak publications in the USA. As stated, the word is spelt "whiskey" in both the book and the index.
However, the same tune is also in "The Athole Collection", published in Scotland, and it has the tune as "whisky", both as a title and in the index.
For a tune by a Perthshire fiddler, which of the two are you going to believe ?
Incidentally, I was in Birnam, across the river from Dunkeld last weekend and they have finally got round to erecting a life-size statue of Niel Gow on a piece of ground to the left after you cross the bridge to head north on the A9.

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