The Gale Warning reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Gale Warning
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amix
|:.eAAB AAcA|ceAc e2 cd|eAAB AAec|dBGB d2 cd|
eAAB AAec|ceAc e2 ed|cedB GABG|A2 AG A2 cd:|
|:ecaf eBcd|ecaf e2 cd|ecaf eBcd|dBGB d2 cd|
ecaf eBcd|ecaf e2 ed|cedB GABG|1 A2 AG A2 cd:|2 A2 AG A2 cB||
|:A2ce A2 ce|A2 ce fecB|A2 ce A2 ce|d2 ed BAGB|
A2 ce A2ce|A2 ce fece|cedB GABG|1 A2 AG A2 cB:|2 A2 AG A2 ed||
|:ceed dccA|ceed dccA|dffe eddB|dffe eddB|
eggf feed|eggf feed|cedB GABG|1 A2 AG A2 ed:|2 A2 AG A2 cd||

Three comments

The Gale Warning

A Scottish pipe reel,transcribed from a Battlefield Band album.


A hornpipe, in fact, composed by Drum Major Robert Bruce of the Gordon Highlanders.It depicts a gale building up. "Battlefield Band" got it from the band "Ceolbeg", who recorded it in Robin Morton’s studio. One of the best pipe tunes to play on the whistle I’ve ever come across.

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