Djinovsko Horo jig

Also known as 5/8, Paidushko Horo.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Djinovsko Horo
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
GBG|d z GBG|(Bc) GcB|~A2 GAG|
B2 GBG|d z GBG|(Bc) GcB|~A2 GAE|
~A2 GBG|d z GBG|(Bc) GcB|~A2 G (3Bcd|
B2 GBG|d z GBG|(Bc) GcB|~A2 GAE||
|:~A2 EcB|A z GFG|~A2 EcB|~A2 GBG|
dGG cB|A z GFG|~A2 EcB|~A2 GAE:|
|:~A2 Bcd|cBA BG|~A2 GBG|~A2 GGA|
B2 Gcd|cBA BG|~A2 GBG|~A2 GGD|G2 GBG:|
|:~A2 GGA|B2 GBG|~A2 GAG|dGG AG|
~A2 GGA|B2 GBG|~A2 GGD|~G2 GBG||
X: 2
T: Djinovsko Horo
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
G|:BG d2G|BG c2G|cB A2G|AG B2G|
BG d2G|BG c2G|cB A2G|1 AE A2G:|2 AE A2E||
|:cB A2G|FG A2E|cB A2G|BG dGG|
cB A2G|FG A2E|cB A2G|1 AE A2E:|2 AE A2B||
|:cd cBA|BG A2G|BG A2G|GA B2G|
cd cBA|BG A2G|BG A2G|GD G2G:|

Nine comments

It’s not a jig!!

Djinovsko Horo is a bulgarian tune in 5/8 time signature. I’ve put it in the section “Jig”, because there’s no other tune type like this.
I love those bulgarian and balkan tunes..!
This version is transcribed from L

Its not a jig!

I have put some irish-balkan tunes in the Barndance section. Maybe we need to come to some sort of agreed bad fit here! ;-}

Know the source of the transcription?

Was this from Andy Irvine’s “East Wind” recording? Cant put my finger on it….


I heard Lunasa play this on their Kinnitty Sessions album.

I wish Neil, some are also filed under ‘slip jigs’… 😏

Re: Djinovsko Horo

This is actually not a djinovsko horo (which is in 6/8), but rather a paidushko horo (pajdusko oro in Macedonia) in 5/8.
And the bar lines are placed incorrectly.

Paidushko Horo, X:2

Here is a setting with the bar lines set correctly. The rhythm is “short-long”, i.e. 2+3/8
I’ve also excluded any ornamentation.

Re: Djinovsko Horo

And a Bulgarian version of the tune. First two parts similar, but then it also goes off somewhere else.
Here you can also see the dance.
I think it’s Nedyalko Nedyalkov playing the kaval flute on this recording.