Two recordings of
The Rose Amang The Heather
Jenny Dang The Weaver

The Rose Amang The Heather (strathspey) is also known as Am Faighir Muileach, Far Am Bi Na Faireachan, The Four Provinces Highland Fling, The Lad Wi The Plaidie, The Lad Wi’ The Plaidie, Laddie Wi’ The Plaidie, The Laddie Wi’ The Plaidie, The Laddie With The Pladdie, Laddie With The Plaiddie, The Laddie With The Plaiddie, Laddie With The Plaidie, The Laddie With The Plaidie, Roes Amang The Heather, The Roes Amang The Heather, Rose Among The Heather, The Rose Among The Heather, Rose Amongst The Heather, The Rose Amongst The Heather.

Jenny Dang The Weaver (reel) is also known as Gobha Bh’ann A Hogha Gearraidh, Horo Ghoid Thu Nighean, Jennie Dang The Weaver, Jenny And The Weaver, Jenny Dang Da Weaver, Patsy Touhey’s Rip The Calico.

Gaelic Roots by Various Artists

  1. Down The Burn Davie Lad
  2. Laddie With The Pladdie
  3. Miss Gordon’s
  4. Athole Brose
  5. Lady Muir MacKenzie
  6. Jenny Dang The Weaver

Riddle by Cynthia MacLeod

  1. Laddie With The Pladdie
  2. Jenny Dang The Weaver
  3. The Lion’s Den
  4. Judique Consolidated High School 1991 Grads