Four recordings of
The Humours Of Tullyknockbrine

The Humours Of Tullyknockbrine (reel) is also known as James Byrne’s, Jimmie Burns’, Jimmy Byrne’s, Maid Of Tullyknockbrine, The Maid Of Tullyknockbrine, The Maids Of Tullyknockbrine, The Rat In The Thatch, The Humors Of Tullyknockbrine.

Dinkey’s (reel) is also known as Dinkey Dorian’s, Dinkey Dorrian’s, Dinkie Dorian’s, Dinkie Dorrian’s, Dinkie’s, Dinkies, Dinky Dolan’s, Dinky Dorrian’s, Dinky’s.

Anthem by De Danann

  1. Jimmy Byrne’s
  2. Dinkies

How The West Was Won by De Dannan

  1. Jimmy Byrne’s
  2. Dinkie’s

Irlande (Live) by Frankie Gavin, Arty McGlynn & Aidan Coffey

  1. The Maid Of Tullyknockbrine
  2. Dinkey’s

Trad At Heart by Various Artists

  1. Jimmy Byrne’s
  2. Dinkie’s