Two recordings of
The Humours Of Tullyknockbrine
The Lilting Fisherman

The Humours Of Tullyknockbrine (reel) is also known as James Byrne’s, Jimmie Burns’, Jimmy Byrne’s, Maid Of Tullyknockbrine, The Maid Of Tullyknockbrine, The Maids Of Tullyknockbrine, The Rat In The Thatch, The Humors Of Tullyknockbrine.

The Lilting Fisherman (reel) is also known as Arda Berkshire, The Berkshire Heights, Cunningham’s Fancy, Fisherman’s Lilt, The Fisherman’s Lilt, Halligan’s Fancy, The Kerry Man, Kerryman’s Daughter, The Lilting Fisherman, The Missing, Molly, What Ails You?, Pretty Girls Of The Village, You’re Right My Love.

Dance Music Of Ireland, Volume 10 by Matt Cunningham

  1. The Maid Of Tullyknockbrine
  2. The Mullingar Races
  3. The Fisherman’s Lilt

Low Pressure and High Humidity by Hasse Ljungdahl

  1. Mulhaire’s
  2. The Humours Of Tullyknockbrine
  3. The Beauty Spot
  4. Fisherman’s Lilt