One recording of
The Hills Of Tara
The Irish

The Hills Of Tara (barndance) is also known as Fred Pidgeon’s No. 1, If There Were No Men, If There Weren’t Any Men, If There Weren’t Any Men In The World, Pearl O’Shaughnessy’s, Scotch Polka.

The Irish (mazurka) is also known as Brogan’s, Charlie Lennon’s, Francie Mooney’s, Francis Mooney’s, Garrett Barry’s, The Hag With The Fiddle, Hugh Gillespie’s, Johnny Doherty’s, Ó Brógáin’s, The Old Donegal, Old Joe’s, Phroinsias’, The Polka-, The Polka-(Mazurka), The Polka, Sonny Brogan’s, Sonny Ó Brógáin’s, Sonny’s, Vincent Campbell’s.

Back To Donegal by Hughie And Kathleen Boyle

  1. The Hills Of Tara
  2. Francie Mooney’s