Two recordings of
The Clogger’s Quilt
The High

The Clogger’s Quilt (reel) is also known as Ballyket Courthouse, The Ballyket Courthouse, Barry’s Fancy, Clogger Quilt, The Clogger Quilt, The Cogger’s Quilt, Corry Hilly, The Glogger’s Quilt, Kathleen’s Fiddle, Larry Redican’s, Larry Redigan’s, Micho Russell’s Favourite, Paddy Finlay’s, Rattigan’s, The Shallow, St Andrews, St. Andrew’s, St. Andrews, The Swallow.

The High (reel) is also known as Alexander Duff, An Ríl Ard, An T-Árd Ríl, Árdcor, Árdríl, Dr MacKinnon’s, Duffy The Dancer, The Gauger, Sandy Duff.

Music At Matt Molloy's by Various Artists

  1. Larry Redigan’s
  2. The High

The Merry Love To Play by Peter Horan And Gerry Harrington

  1. The Swallow
  2. The High