Two recordings of
The Clogger’s Quilt
Miss Thornton’s

The Clogger’s Quilt (reel) is also known as Ballyket Courthouse, The Ballyket Courthouse, Barry’s Fancy, Clogger Quilt, The Clogger Quilt, The Cogger’s Quilt, Corry Hilly, The Glogger’s Quilt, Kathleen’s Fiddle, Larry Redican’s, Larry Redigan’s, Micho Russell’s Favourite, Paddy Finlay’s, Rattigan’s, The Shallow, St Andrews, St. Andrew’s, St. Andrews, The Swallow.

Miss Thornton’s (reel) is also known as Comin’ Thro’ The Field, The House On The Hill, Miss Thornton, Ms. Thornton’s, The Winding Stream, Woodford Fling, The Woodford Fling, The Woodford Highland Fling, The Woodford Highland.

Archives #1 by Jean Carignan

  1. Follow Me Down To Carlow
  2. Miss Thornton’s
  3. The Clogger’s Quilt

Irish Violin by Jackie Roche

  1. Follow Me Down To Carlow
  2. The Winding Stream
  3. Rattigan’s