One recording of
Maudabawn Chapel
The Bunch Of Keys

Maudabawn Chapel (reel) is also known as Hall’s Favourite, Maudabon Chapel, Maudaon’s Chapel, Maudebawn Chapel, Reavy’s, Reavy’s Long, Reavy’s No. 3, The Reefs, Ryan’s.

The Bunch Of Keys (reel) is also known as A Bunch Of Keys, Cairngorm Brooch, Carigoim, Carigoim Broach, Carigon Broach, Carigorm Broach, The Flowers Of Limerick, Miss Betty Ann Gordon, Miss Wellington’s, The Old, Paddy On The Turnpike, The Yellow Heifer.

Traditional Irish Flute Music by Fintan Vallely

  1. The Bunch Of Keys
  2. The Humours Of Ballyconnell
  3. The Boys Of Ballynahinch
  4. Maudabawn Chapel