Two recordings of
Maudabawn Chapel
Beare Island

Maudabawn Chapel (reel) is also known as Hall’s Favourite, Maudabon Chapel, Maudaon’s Chapel, Maudebawn Chapel, Reavy’s, Reavy’s Long, Reavy’s No. 3, The Reefs, Ryan’s.

Beare Island (reel) is also known as B�ara, Bare Island, Barra Island, Bear Island, Beara Island, The Beara Island, Beare Haven, The Beare Island, The Bearhaven Lassies, Bere Island, The Berehaven Lassies, The Bheara, Finbar Dwyer’s Fancy, Finbarr Dwyer’s Fancy, R’il Bheara, Ril Bheara, Ril Bhearra.

Kevin Burke In Concert by Kevin Burke

  1. The Cottage Groves
  2. Maudabawn Chapel
  3. The Beare Island

The Celts Play Connecticut by Various Artists

  1. Maudabawn Chapel
  2. Beare Island
  3. George White’s Favorite