The Favourite Dram slip jig

Also known as The Favorite Dram, Ho Ro Mo Bhobag An Dram, Ho Ro Mo Bhobain An Dram, Ho Ró Mo Bhoban An Dram, Ho Ro Mo Bhobban An’ Dram.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Favourite Dram
R: slip jig
M: 9/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:B2 c dBG G2 f|g2 e dBG G2 c|B2 c dBG GAB|c2 B AFD D2 c:|
|:(B>AB) (B>AB) G2 c|B2 c dBG G2 c|1 (B>AB) (B>AB) G2 B|
c2 B AFD D2 c:|2 B2 c dBG gdB|c2 B AFD D2 d||
|:gdB gdB G2 f|1 g2 e dBG G2 f|gdB gdB G2 B|c2 B AFD D2 d:|
[2 g2 e dBG G2 c|Bcd def gdB|c2 B AFD D2||

Seven comments

Also known as Ho ro mo bhobban’ Dram

Lovely tune. As I said, I often play it just before “Donald , Willie, and his Dug—oops dog” 🙂

Seems to me I’ve heard Chris Norman play this on one of his recordings, but it’s not listed for this tune. Anyone know off the top of their head before I go rumaging through my collection to try to find it? These are the little things that drive me slightly crazy 🙂

“Horo Mo Bhobag An Dram” ~ a fragment from ‘eddie the piper’

Submitted on July 3rd 2006 by eddie the piper.

T: Horo Mo Bhobag An Dram
M: 9/8
L: 1/8
R: slip jig
K: Dmaj
|: B |
c2 c d>BG A2 e | a2 e g>BG A2 B |c2 e d>BG A2 e |A>AA G>EG A2 :|

Gaelic lyrics

According to the Baird Gàidhlig site:

the famous Gaelic poet Alasdair Mac Mhaighstir Alasdair (Alasdair MacDhòmhnaill) wrote a poem with the title ‘Mo bhobag an dram’. It runs to 5 verses with a chorus, and the metre fits both versions of this tune that are on the Session site.

The poem may (in Gaelic) be downloaded from:

This is a variant in a different mode. I was kinda hoping someone could maybe add the rest of this version, which I think is based on a GHB arrangement (although I heard it sung as Port-a-beul).

# Posted on July 3rd 2006 by eddie the piper

Re: The Favourite Dram

I love this version (from 2:10). I quite like Allie Robertson’s arrangement as well, but would just love to get hold of this Patsy Seddon one - couldn’t find the sheet music anywhere.

Re: The Favourite Dram

I have an arrangement of it by Patsy in an American collection from the Harp Society of America called Scottish Harp Celebration. To be honest it’s not that different from Ailie’s so I suspect some of the recorded version is the player’s arrangement also.