One recording of
O’er Bogie
General Stewart

O’er Bogie (reel) is also known as The Boggy, O’er Boggie, O’er Boogie.

General Stewart (reel) is also known as Captain David Stewart, Captain David Stewart 42nd Royal Highlanders, Captain David Stewart 42nd Royal Highlanders-Afterwards General Stewart, Captain David Stewart’s, General Stuart, Lady Mair MacKenzie, Lady Muir MacKenzie, Lady Muir MacKenzie’s, Mrs. Muir MacKenzie, Mrs. Muir McKenzie.

Boomerang by Troy MacGillivray

  1. Marchioness Of Huntley
  2. Lady Jemima Johnson
  3. O’er Boogie
  4. Lady Muir MacKenzie
  5. The Haggis
  6. Mrs. A. R. Findlay