The Changeling reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Changeling
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amix
gfed cA (3AAA|aA (3AAA cAeA|gfed cA (3AAA|GABd edea|
gfed cA (3AAA|aA (3AAA cAeA|gfed cA (3AAA|GABc dcde|
cA (3AAA A2ed|cA (3AAA GBdB|cA (3AAA EA (3AAA|GABc dcde|
cA (3AAA A2ed|cA (3AAA GBdB|cA (3AAA EA (3AAA|GABc dcdf|
ea (3aaa caAa|ea (3aaa caAa|eg (3ggg dgBg|eg (3ggg dgBg|
ef (3fff dfAf|ef (3fff dfAf|GABd edef|gfea gedB|

Five comments

The Changeling Reel

I wrote this for Deb and Carl Colon, fine musicians whom I met while playing a concert with Paddy O’Brien one balmy summer evening in Cincinatti.

Joseph Smith


Emer Mayock recorded a tune with this title - is it the same one ?

Posted by .

The Changeling Reel

I suppose it is possible…but highly unlikely as I have only recorded the tune once and that CD had limited distribution. I have played it at sessions and shown it to a few folks, but I don’t think it has gone far beyond that…yet. Who knows, maybe it has caught on somewhere.

Joseph Smith

13th bar.

There is a typo in the sheet music. In bar thirteen the first note, a lower c should actually be an octave higher than it is printed. If I typed it out incorrectly in ABC format my appologies.

13th bar

Oh, and Now I see the edit ABC notation button……never mind the previous comment.