Mrs. Ferguson Of Raith march

Also known as Mrs. Ferguson Of Raith’s, Mrs. Ferguson Of Raith’s March, Mrs. Ferguson Of Rath March, Mrs. Ferguson Of Reath, Mrs. Ferguson Of Reath March, Mrs. Ferguson Of Reath’s, Mrs. Ferguson Of Reath’s March, Mrs. Ferguson Of Reaths, Mrs. Ferguson Of Reith March.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Mrs. Ferguson Of Raith
R: march
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmin
G>F|:D2G2G2F>G|A2G2G2G>A|F2f2f2ed|cBAG FGAF|
D2G2G2F>G|A2G2G2fg|agfd fdcA|G4G4:|
{A}G2g2g2ga|fgafg2ga|f2fc fgag|agfdc2f2|
{f}d2g2g2ga|fcfag2ga|f2cf dcAF|G4G4|
{A}G2g2g2{g}a2|fcfag2ag|f2fc fgag|agfdc2f2|
dcdfg2ag|fcfag2ag|f2cf dcAF|G4G4|
X: 2
T: Mrs. Ferguson Of Raith
R: march
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmin
|:D2G2 G2FG|A2G2 G2AG|F2f2 f2ed|cBAG FGAF|
D2G2 G2FG|A2G2 G2fg|agfd fdcA|G4 G3F:|
G2g2 g3a|fgaf g2ag|f3c fgag|agfd c2f2|
d2g2 g3a|fgaf g2ag|f2cf dcAF|G4 G4|
G2g2 g3a|fgaf g4|f3c fgag|agfd c2f2|
dcdf g2a2|fcfa g2ag|f2cf dcAF|G4G4

Nine comments

Mrs. Ferguson

This isn’t really a strathspey; it’s a march. Whatever. I just learned it, and am in the process of making it sound more, um, bagpipey. I don’t think that’s a word.


I think that’s a perfectly good word - Rather than "Bagpiperishlike". Depending on the instrument you play … if you can push the "G" drones - or get someone else to play G and or F drones when they occur, you’ll get closer to the bagpipey sound. Drones rule.

Good little tune, fun to play. Thanks for posting it.

Where is Raith?

I’d be interested to know the history of this tune, i.e if the title was "tongue in cheek".

Raith Rovers is the local football team in Kirkcaldy and, as far as I know, there’s no town called Raith in Scotland. Several years ago, this team actually won something and a "clueless" English football commentator said "There’ll be dancing in the streets of Raith tonight". This went down in local folklore and I wonder if the tune is just somebody’s sense of humour.

Glad you liked the tune, 2situla. I also appreciate a deftly applied drone.
John, I think that there was an estate named Raith in the Kirkcaldy area, and Mrs. Ferguson was a resident thereof. So perhaps Mrs. Ferguson marched in the bosky dells of Raith. But I’m just as clueless as the football guy; my only credentials are that of a hopeless history geek…….

G Dorian

I’ve heard Buddy MacMaster play this tune in a set with Lord Donne’s strathspey and some other G "minor" tunes, so I was surprised to see in D minor, but seeing the G tonic, it’s actually in G dorian.

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Re: Mrs. Ferguson Of Raith

Here they are - I just love this setting.
Can anyone tell me what that fabulously dissonant chord is in their harmonies at the and of the A part at 1:06 - 1:07 ? I hear this being used quite frequently in accompaniments to these Dorian tunes
The set is called "Mary MacDonald’s" on the album but I don’t recognise the other tunes …

Re: Mrs. Ferguson Of Raith

I agree about it not being in D min but in G dorian. The tune is much older than football, and in fact there is also a Mrs Ferguson of Raith Strathspey, which js a totally different tune, attributed to Robert Petrie in 1791. Pretty sure the one above is from the same era, possibly by one of the Gows. And the Raith estate was somewhere near Kirkcaldy in Fife, as Michelle said.

Re: Mrs. Ferguson Of Raith

And just to confuse things even more, there is a 3rd tune, also by Robert Petrie, in the Petrie collection, called Mrs Ferguson of Raith’s Delight: titally different from the other 2!