The Moving Pint reel

By Charlie Lennon

There are 10 recordings of this tune.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Moving Pint
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
G3B A3d|B2BA BGEF|GABG A2 (3Bcd|eA (3cBA EA (3cBA|
G3B A^GAd|B2BA BE~E2|GABG ABcd|1 ecAF GDB,D:|2 ecAF GA (3Bcd||
|:g2fg edBd|eaag agef|g2fg edBd|(3efg fa ~g3f|
(3gfe fg edBd|eaag agef|gbag eage|1 dBAB GA (3Bcd:|2 dged ~B3A||

Five comments

The Moving Pint

A Charlie Lennon tune from a recording of a local session. One of my favourite reels.

Nice tune Dow - reminds me of Elaine and Ivan.

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I seem to remember hearing that he wrote this in reference to the pints that slide across a table while the musicians are playing away and the tapping of feet on a wooden floor starts them into motion. Got to get through the tune and retrieve said pint before it crashes off the table.

Double tune name

Unfortunately, there is another tune called “The moving Pint”, which is recorded by the band Cara. If you click on the link above saying “There are 7 recordings of a tune by this name”, the Cara recording is listed as well. I guess the database just goes by the name…
Interesting enough, the idea of naming the second, different tune also “The moving pint” came independently from this tune, but for the same reasons: I saw a pint moving towards the edge of the table during a lively session and thought this would be a good tune name…should have checked if it already existed before suggesting the name to the band….