Five recordings of a tune named
Saddle The Pony
With a tune named
The Black Rogue

Saddle The Pony (jig) is also known as A Draught Of Ale, Cuir Diallaid Air An Clibin, Diallait Ar Capaillín, The Draught Of Ale, The Priest’s Leap, The Red Stocking, The Red Stockings, Sackow’s.

The Black Rogue (jig) is also known as An Rógaire Dubh, Billy O’Rourke, The Black Robe, The Black Rouge, Blarney Castle, Paddy McNicholas, Paddy McNicholas’, Paddy McNicholas’s, Paddy’s Own, Rogaire Dubh, The Sack Of Potatoes, Sail Round The Rocks By Todd Denman, Sweet Tibbie Dunbar.

Classic Ceili Bands by Various Artists

  1. The Rambling Pitchfork
  2. Saddle The Pony
  3. The Black Rogue

Farewell To Ireland CD 3 (Of A Box Set Of 4) by Various Artists

  1. The Black Rogue
  2. Saddle The Pony

James Morrison & Tom Ennis by James Morrison & Tom Ennis

  1. Black Rogue
  2. Saddle The Pony

Scotch Mary by Various Artists

  1. Black Rogue
  2. Saddle The Pony

The Leitrim Cake by Joe 'Lacky' Gallagher

  1. Clancy’s Dream
  2. An Rogaire Dubh
  3. Saddle The Pony
  4. The Kesh