One recording of
Saddle The Pony
The Rollicking Boys Of Tandragee

Saddle The Pony (jig) is also known as A Draught Of Ale, Cuir Diallaid Air An Clibin, Diallait Ar Capaillín, The Draught Of Ale, The Priest’s Leap, The Red Stocking, The Red Stockings, Rough Diamond, Sackow’s.

The Rollicking Boys Of Tandragee (jig) is also known as The Boys Of Tandaragee, The Boys Of Tandemagee, The Boys Of Tanderagee, The Boys Of Tandernagee, The Boys Of Tandragee, Kips Bay, Linnane’s, Pat Burke’s, The Rambling Boys Of Tandragee, The Rollicking Boys Around Tandaragee, The Rollicking Boys Around Tanderagee, The Rollicking Boys Around Tandragee, The Rollicking Boys Of Tandaragee, The Rollicking Boys Round Tanderagee.

Luí Na Gréine by Seosamh Mac Grianna (Joe Mhicí Jimí)

  1. The Boys Of Tandragee
  2. The Frost Is All Over
  3. Saddle The Pony