One recording of
Saddle The Pony
Brian O’Lynn

Saddle The Pony (jig) is also known as A Draught Of Ale, Cuir Diallaid Air An Clibin, Diallait Ar Capaillín, The Draught Of Ale, The Priest’s Leap, The Red Stocking, The Red Stockings, Rough Diamond, Sackow’s.

Brian O’Lynn (jig) is also known as Brian O’Lynn’s, Bryan O’Lynn, Bryan O’Lynn’s, The Cockled Old Man, The Gooseberry Boy, Hitler’s Downfall, John Maloney’s, The Magpie In The Tree, The Planting Stick, Scully Casey’s, Shores Of Lough Gowna.

Celebration CD 2 by The Dubliners

  1. The Humours Of Glendart
  2. Saddle The Pony
  3. Brian O’Lynn