Two recordings of
Saddle The Pony
The Rakes Of Kildare

Saddle The Pony (jig) is also known as A Draught Of Ale, Cuir Diallaid Air An Clibin, Diallait Ar Capaillín, The Draught Of Ale, The Priest’s Leap, The Red Stocking, The Red Stockings, Rough Diamond, Sackow’s.

The Rakes Of Kildare (jig) is also known as The Barn Door, The Barndoor, Cum Y çhenn Oanrey çheh, Cum Yn Çhenn Oanrey Çheh, Cum Yn Shenn Oanrey Cheh, Fagamaoid Súd Mar Atá Sé, The Galbally Farmer, Get Up Early, Jim McBride’s, Leave That As It Is, Let Us Leave That As It Is, McBride’s, The Old Barn Door, The Old Barndoor, The Race Of Kildare, The Rake Of Kildare, The Rakes Of Kildare Retreat March.

An Dara by Callanish

  1. The Rakes Of Kildare
  2. The Frost Is All Over
  3. Saddle The Pony

Ceili Time In Ireland Disc 1 by Various Artists

  1. Rakes Of Kildare
  2. Saddle The Pony
  3. Blackthorn Stick