Routin’ Linn reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Routin' Linn
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
DGGF G2GA|~B3e d2ef|g2bg (3efg dc|BdcA G2:|
|:Bc|d2g=f agfd|cABG AFDE|~F2cF dFcd|gfdc BGBc|
d2gf agfa|gdBd cAFA|_BDFG Addc|=BdcA G2:|

Eight comments

Routin’ Linn

This is the first reel I ever wrote. It’s named after one of my favourite places on the planet. It’s a place my dad used to take me to when we were little and I used to think it was magic. It was in the middle of nowhere. You had to walk along a track towards a farm, and then at a certain unmarked point you could either veer off right or left.

The right hand path took you to some prehistoric cup and ring markings, where you could imagine people had once sat tripping on magic mushrooms and drawing cool designs on the rocks.

If you took the left path you had to walk through a quiet wood full of bluebells and descend into this sort of small gorge. Then you had to walk along the side of a river for a while, climbing over all the gnarled tree trunks. At the end of the path was a beautiful little waterfall like something out of a fairy tale, surrounded by caves which you could actually crawl inside. There were also stepping stones so you could get across to the big cave at the other side. It was a natural kids’ adventure playground!

"Rout" (in standard pronunciation this would rhyme with "trout", but Geordie pronunciation can make it sound like "root") is a now rarely-used word meaning "roar". "Linn" is a dialect word for "waterfall".

Hello…Dow? You there? Wake up Dow… hello…

Gravity altering tune

I like the tune Dow. When you encounter the second part the center of gravity shifs in an interesting way and kind of turns inside-out for a moment. It reminds me of the pics of the "hanging rocks." Nice tune, magic place. Well done.