Not For Joe barndance

Also known as Dilwyn.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Not For Joe
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:B3/2A/ G/A/B c3/2B/ A/B/c|B3/2A/ G/A/B/c/ dA FA|
B3/2A/ G/A/B .cc d3/2c/|1 B/A/G AF G2 GA:|2 B/A/G AF G2 G z||
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Seven comments

Barndance? More of a polka

It’s not really a barndance, it doesn’t have the rhythm or cadence of a barndance. Seems like more of a polka to me. Is this a trad Irish tune?

It’s one of the most commonly used tunes for English morris dancing. I can’t imagine ever wanting to play it again!!

Ahh, Morris dancing…. I’m not familiar, at all, with the ins & outs of Morris. It could well be what the Morris musicians call a barndance. Anybody able to expand on the finer points?

- - - A Cymraeg Hefyd - - -

It seems I’ve found the category ‘dustbin’, where tunes that haven’t got a clear identity within TheSession.Org miasma are segwayed… Whew!, old socks too?


There are at least 4 different tunes to which the title "Not for Joe" is applied, one being the Irish Polka "Gan Ainm" and another being the tune of a music hall song beginning "Joseph Baxter is my name…". They are presumably all tunes which have been used for a Morris dance called "Not for Joe".

The tune posted here is also used for a Border Morris dance called Dilwyn, and so Dilwyn is an alternative title. It is sometimes called "Much Wenlock", but there is a different - and more interesting - tune called "Much Wenlock". I prefer to keep "Much Wenlock" for the other tune and "Not for Joe" or Dilwyn for this one.

I suspect that this has been the air of another musical hall song, or even a nursery rhyme. In the back of my mind it is connected with Flash Company and Lads out on the Town. I’m sure I’ve heard words to it.

The only words I know forthis tune go

Bum titty, bum titty, too-ra-li-do,

Bum titty, bum titty, too-ra-lay,

Bum titty, bum titty, too-ra-li-do,

Play it on the old banjo