Eight recordings of a tune named
Paddy Reynolds’ Dream

Also known as Bridget’s Farewell To Canada, Derrick Hickey’s, Paddy Reynold’s Dream, Paddy Reynold’s Favourite, Return To Burton Road, Richard Dwyer’s, The Twins.

A tune by this name has been recorded together with Knocknagow (a few times), Jackson’s Morning Brush, The Little Thatched Cabin, Sliabh Russell, The Smiling Bride, Wallop The Spot.

  1. Echoes Of Erin by Comhaltas Tour Group 1984
  2. Farewell To Ireland by Patrick Mangan
  3. Gléas by The Boruma Trio
  4. Grove Lane by Joe Derrane with John McGann
  5. Jody’s Heaven by Jody’s Heaven
  6. Strings Attached by Mick Moloney
  7. Sweetwood by Liam Kelly
  8. The Boston Edge by Joe Derrane, Seamus Connolly And John McGann