One recording of a tune named
I Have Two Yellow Goats
With a tune named
Mrs. Crowley’s

I Have Two Yellow Goats (polka) is also known as The High Caul Cap, Ta Dha Gabhairin Bui Agam, Tá Dhá Ghabhairin Bhuí Agam, Tá Dhá Ghabhairín Buí Agam, The Yellow Goat.

Mrs. Crowley’s (polka) is also known as Gullane’s, Joan Crowley’s.

Michael Sexton Ceili Band, Volume 2: Mad to Dance by Michael Sexton Ceili Band

  1. Tá Dhá Ghabhairín Bhuí Agam
  2. The Ballyhoura Mountains
  3. Mrs. Crowley’s