Three recordings of
The Warlocks
Malcolm Finlay

The Warlocks (strathspey) is also known as The Carlins, The Warlock’s, The Warlock.

Malcolm Finlay (reel) is also known as Calum Fhionnlaid, Calum Fhionnlaidh, Calum Fhionnlaigh, Calum Fhionnlaith, Calum Finlay, Calum Finley, Calumn Findlay, Finlay’s, Holland’s, Larry Down’s, Larry Downs, Malcolm Findlay, Malcolm Finlay, Malcolm Finlay’s, Malcolm Finley’s.

Formerly of Foot Cape Road: Scottish Fiddle Music in the Classic Inverness County Style by Doug Macphee and John L. MacDonald

  1. The Warlock
  2. Bòg An Lochan
  3. The Nine Pint Coggie
  4. Malcolm Finlay
  5. Morrison’s Ridge

The Music of Cape Breton, Vol. 2 - Cape Breton Scottish Fiddle by Various Artists

  1. The Warlock’s
  2. Bog An Lochain (Athole Cummers)
  3. The Nine Pint Coggie
  4. Calum Fhionnlaidh
  5. Prince Charlie
  6. Tarbolton Lodge

Traditional Music From Cape Breton Island by Natalie MacMaster And Buddy MacMaster

  1. The Warlock
  2. Bog An Lochan
  3. Flora MacDonald
  4. Tarbolton Lodge
  5. Malcolm Finlay
  6. Johnny Sullivan’s
  7. Nine Pint Coggie