Two recordings of
The Warlocks
Keep It Up

The Warlocks (strathspey) is also known as The Carlins, The Warlock’s, The Warlock.

Keep It Up (reel) is also known as As A Thoiseach, As, A Thoisich, Keep It Up!, Off With You.

Alana & Leigh Cline by Alana & Leigh Cline

  1. Huntingtone Castle
  2. Crossing To Ireland
  3. The Warlocks
  4. Bog An Lochan
  5. Nine Pint Coggie
  6. Keep It Up

The Departure by Chrissy Crowley

  1. The Warlock
  2. Compliments To Cameron Chisholm
  3. Tarbolton Lodge
  4. As A Thoiseach
  5. Miss Muir MacKenzie