The Sandyburn reel

Also known as Da Sandieburn.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Sandyburn
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
E2|:A2 (EA) dcBA|e2 (cA) a2 A2|agfe ^decA|B2 E2 d2 E2|
A2 (EA) dcBA|e2 (cA) a2 A2|agfe Bcde|1 c2 A2 A2 E2:|2 c2 A2 A2 e2||
|:a2 ee (c'2 e2)|e'2 e2 a2 e2|agfe ^dece|B2 e2 g2 e2|
a2 ee (c'2 e2)|e'2 e2 a2 e2|agfe Bcde|1 c2 A2 A2 e2:|2 c2 A2 A2 E2||
|:A2 (EA) dcBA|EAce fecA|EGBd gf e2|(ge)be gedB|
A2 (EA) dcBA|EAce fecA|agfe Bcde|1 c2 A2 A2 E2:|2 c2 A2 A2 e2||
|:agae c'ee'e|agfe c2 A2|agfe ^dece|Bege bege|
ceae c'ee'e|agfe c2 A2|agfe Bcde|1 c2 A2 A2 e2:|2 c2 A2 A4||

Four comments

Great Shetland reel

This is one of my favourite Shetland tunes which may, at first, appear a bit daunting. However, it’s probably not quite as hard as it first seems, especially if you’re quite good at moving up to the higher position. I’m fine with the mandolin but can fluff the higher notes when I try it on the fiddle. Just lack of practice. 🙂
Actually, if you substitute "c" for "c’" and "E" for "e’" or something similar, you’ll get a quite acceptable version of the tune which will blend in perfectly well with the "correct" version at a session.


The Sandyburn Reel

This tune was written by Frank Jamieson from Vidlin, Shetland, it refers to his family home of Sandyburn.