Three recordings of
The Home Ruler
Off To California

The Home Ruler (hornpipe) is also known as Daniel O’Connell - The Home Ruler, Frank McCallum’s, Frank McCallum’s Mrs. - The Home Ruler, The Homeruler, McCollum’s.

Off To California (hornpipe) is also known as Bound For California, Fireman’s, Fireman’s Reel, The Fireman’s Reel, The Fireman’s, Going To California, The Humours Of California, Imtigte Go California, The Juggler, Off The California, The Portsmouth Hornipe, Trip To California, Whiskey, The Whiskey.

Ceol Na Carraige by The Owenabue Valley Trad Group

  1. The Homeruler
  2. The Cork
  3. Off To California

Full Gael by Full Gael

  1. Home Ruler
  2. Off To California

To an Isle in the Water by Brisk

  1. Home Ruler
  2. Off To California
  3. Gan Ainm