Two recordings of
Sandy Cameron
Calum Breugach

Sandy Cameron (strathspey) is also known as Sandy Cameron’s.

Calum Breugach (strathspey) is also known as Calam Breugach, Callam Breugach, Callum Breugach, Callumbrauch, Calum Breuagh, Calum Breughach, Calum Brogach, Calum Brouche, Calum Brougach, Calum Crubach, Lying Malcolm, Malcolm The Liar.

A Compilation by Natalie MacMaster

  1. The Headlands
  2. Captain Campbell
  3. Callum Breugach
  4. King George
  5. O’er The Isles To America
  6. Sandy Cameron
  7. Kings
  8. The Cape Breton Fiddler’s Welcome To The Shetlands

Eileen Ivers by Eileen Ivers

  1. Calum Breugach
  2. The Devil In The Kitchen
  3. Muileann Dubh
  4. Sandy Cameron
  5. Cape Breton Symphony’s Welcome To The Shetlands