McDermott’s polka

By Tim O’Leary

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One setting

X: 1
T: McDermott's
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
da f/g/f/e/|dB BA|FB BA|1 B2 BG:|2 B2 Bc||
|:d2 de/f/|ec Ac|dB BA|FB BA|
d2 de/f/|ec Ac|Bb ba|b2 ba|
f2 fe|da fe|df BA|df BA|
dc/d/ ed/e/|fb ba|fb ba|fe dB||

Seven comments

McDermott’s Polka

This tune is *not* like any other “McDermott’s” that has been posted before - this is a polka written by Tim O’Leary, and goes last in a set of polkas recorded by Claire Mann. The set is as follows: Ella Buckley’s Fancy/Gneevguillia’s/McDermott’s.

Tim O’Leary

Thanks, Lynnsey. I’m just wondering who is Tim O’Leary. According to Claire Mann, he is a fiddler playing with the band McDermott’s Two Hours, but we’re not given any other information. I love his mazurkas on the track 8. They are beautiful compositions, too.

Tim O‘leary is the brother of Christy O’Leary who used to play with Boys of the Lough. Tim, in fact, has even stood in for Aly Bain in the distant past(at least once). He is fine fiddle player but also talented on other instruments too, eg flute, whistle, CBOM etc. Tim has resided in Edinburgh for a good number of years and played with many musicans. He had played in North Sea Gas for few years(not really his thing, I don’t think) but now he is back to solo projects.
Over the years, he has taught at ALP/SMOG so I thought you may have come across him, Slainte.


If I see him, maybe I can recognise him. Well, it seems Edinburgh still attracts many interesting musicians.

Tim O’Leary

Tim O’leary was in a Brighton band McDermott’s two hours and some of his finest fiddle playing was on an album called “The Enemy Within”If you want to get hold of a copy stick “Nick Burbridge” into Google and all the details should come up.


I heard that wonderful band 422 in Yorkshire last week - they played this slowly and it was very effective indeed.

422 major third

It’s on their CD: 422 major third but doesn’t appear on the “recordings” list. I can’t see how to put it there.