The Kitten slip jig

Also known as Yellow Stocking, The Yellow Stocking, Yellow Stockings, The Yellow Stockings.

There are 4 recordings of this tune.

The Kitten appears in 1 other tune collection.

The Kitten has been added to 55 tunebooks.

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The story so far - - -

My apologies for the vagueness of this. I have submitted it in a simplified form. It is a tune I used to play and still do but have been removed from the seissiun scene and in this case have lost my notes and my memory in this area is not a swell exercised as it should be. I have found the tune in a similar form in one collection, Peter Kennedy’s ‘Traditional Dance Music of Britain and Ireland: Slip Jigs & Waltzes’ where it is called ‘The Kid on the Mountain’. I also play that tune, but a different melody, a version of the usual one associated with the name, and I play another one that has been mistakenly called by this name, An Phis Fluich. I’m sure we had another name for this slip jig. I’m hoping someone out there can remind me and maybe even list places where it is recorded, in print and for the ears… Go raibh ma’agat…

This reminds me of “The Peacock Followed The Hen” but it’s different.

“O’Farell’s Pocket Companion to the Union Pipes”

I finally got back to this and found my earlier notes for it. For the fifth part, second bar, I left out a ‘twist’:

| ^cGE BGE AFD |

Sounds like a jig I know

It sort of reminds me of the “dusty windowsill” but that’s a jig. “An Phis Fluich” (“O’Farrell’s Welcome to Limerick” ) and “The Kid on theMOuntain” both sort of sound alike too.

Reminds me of The Humours of Whiskey.

“The Yellow Stockings” = “The Kitten”

Parts 1 - 3 are essentially the parts and notes that make up the slip jig called “The Yellow Stockings” or “Yellow Stockings”. These tunes also have some correlation with the jig “Melvin Head” / “Helvic Head” ~

Submitted on June 3rd 2004 by Kenny.

O’Farrells Collection of National Irish Music for the Union Pipes

as reprinted by Patrick Sky in 1975 has parts 1-3 as “Yellow Stockings” on page 29. No 4th or 5th part. Perhaps if there are indeed five parts in the other O’Farrell’s ( the Companion), he picked up or composed the additional two parts in the interim between publications.

Duplication rescued

X: 1
T: The Yellow Stocking
R: slip jig
M: 9/8
L: 1/8
K: Emin
|:G2 c BGd BGd|G2 c BGd cBA|G2 c BGd BGd|ecA ABG FED:|

The Yellow Stocking
Notated from the album “Open the Door for Three” by Réalta. I don’t quite understand modes so if the key signature needs to be changed to A Dorian or some such thing please let me know. I’m not sure if this is a composition so if someone knows that one, too, please say so!

# Posted by matahari_1946 18 hours ago.
Also, the piper from that recording plays a flat set of pipes so this is notated in concert pitch.

# Posted by matahari_1946 18 hours ago.

I also commented:
This is a three part version of

Interestingly enough both the 3 part and the 5 part version were published by O’Farrell. The 3 part as the Yellow Stocking was published in his National Tutor and 5 part as The Kitten in his Pocket Companion.