One recording of
Pat Enright’s
Jimmy Doyle’s

Pat Enright’s (polka) is also known as Furey’s, Gordie Taylor’s, Tarmon’s Cross.

Jimmy Doyle’s (polka) is also known as The Gullane, The Hills Above Killarney, Jim Keefe’s, Jim Keeffe’s, Jim Keeffe’s #1, Jim Keeffe’s No. 1, Jim Keeffe’s No.1, Jim O’Keefe’s, Jimmy Doyle’s #3, Jimmy Doyle’s No. 3, Jimmy Doyle’s No.3, Martin Mulvihill’s, Polca Séamus Ó Caoimh, Polca Sheamais Ui Chaoimh, Séamus Ó Caoimh, Sheamais Ui Chaoimh.

Cairde Cairdín by Diarmuid O'Brien

  1. Cock Your Pistol Charlie
  2. Martin Mulvihill’s
  3. Gordie Taylor’s