John Burke’s reel

By Verena Commins

Also known as Burke’s.

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One setting

X: 1
T: John Burke's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ddor
DEGA Bdga|bagd BGDE|F2 AF =cF AF|^FGA^F G2 GE:|
A|:dAAA eAAG|^FD^FA dcAB|c2 B2 cAGF|ECEG c2 Bc|
dAAA eAAG|"14"^FD^FA dcAB|c2 B2 cded|^cAGE D2DA:|
"Alternate measure 14"^FAde f2 ed|

Three comments

Written by Verena Commins on the occasion of the marriage of her sister to John Burke. Goes beautifully at the end of the set Fly Fishing Reel into Michael Tennyson’s into John Burke’s. On Verena Commins and Julie Langan’s album Fonnchaoi, they play the alternate measure only once, the first time through, and then you don’t hear it again.


Clarification on alternate

Sorry, I wasn’t clear about that. On the recording, the alternate measure is used as a second ending on the B part. I tend to use it as a second ending on either the last time through the tune, or as a second ending every time through the B.


One of my favs

I use that variation at the end of each B part. I had the pleasure of meeting those two when they pasted through SF. Verena impressed me big time, and I’ve learned all three of those tunes and play them often with my cohorts. It’ll be nice to sit down and have a go at these tunes with yourself some day.