The Torrid Romance reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Torrid Romance
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmix
D2(3EFG ABcA|d2Ad efge|dcAG FGAB|1 c2Bd cAGE:|2 c2Bd cABc||
|:d2Ad efge|d2Ad cAGA|d2Ad efge|a2ga eage|
d2Ad efge|d2Ad cAGA|cAGE DECE|GAcd cAGE:|
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Four comments

Deadly tune

Thanks for posting that stranger. Who was that masked man?

The Mask

Hi Jack,

I’m not so masked: my name is Yvan (as it’s indicated by my login name at The Session) and live in France. I play a bit the fiddle, that’s why I had learned this neat jig and then submitted it at this place! I agree with you, ‘Deadly’ is a quite good qualificative for this tune 🙂

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Leslie Harris?

This tune is on the Trian album by Billy McComiskey, Liz Carroll and Daithi Sproule, with two others by Leslie Harris.
I’ve been told that LH was a worker in a Washington, D.C., bar where there was a session, fell in love with the music and became a player late in life, AND that there are more tunes that Harris has written.

I’d like to learn more about Harris and any other tunes by this author. Please send me any info?



Tunes by Leslie Harris

Well, for one thing, Leslie Harris wrote the other two tunes that Trian play in the set with this one. They are called The Boys from Chicago and P.J. McComiskey’s, IIRC. I’m not aware of any other tunes she has written. She did indeed live in the DC/Baltimore area many years ago, before my entry into the session scene here, but now she lives in Arizona or some such place out west. I believe she’s a seamstress, and I don’t know if she still plays or not. She has been to visit the session in DC once or twice in the last couple of years, but didn’t play any then. She was flattered to learn that her set of tunes are still being played around here, though.

And I don’t know where the "late in life" reference comes from. She’s only about 50 years old now, if that, and she wrote these tunes at least 20 years ago I’d say.